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Root Canal Therapy – Arnold, MO

Building a Healthier Foundation For Your Smile

person waking up in their bed with a toothache

There are a variety of problems that can lead to tooth loss, including severe gum disease and dental injury. When the nerve also called the pulp inside of your tooth becomes infected or damaged by trauma, it can kill your tooth and require an extraction if left untreated. For a long time, extraction was the only solution for people with seriously damaged or diseased teeth, but root canal therapy offers today’s dental patients an alternative that allows them to keep their natural teeth instead. Some dental offices don’t offer root canal therapy, but JL Dental in Arnold, Missouri believes that it’s important for us to offer a full range of dental care treatments for your overall oral health. We can perform most root canal therapy right here in our Arnold office.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

model of an infected tooth

Root canal therapy involves removing diseased tissue from inside infected teeth to stop the pain and damage brought on by these types of infections. They’re usually caused by a large cavity that’s worked its way to the inside of the tooth, leaving the pulp exposed to irritants and bacteria. Pulp can also become damaged when the tooth is injured; a hard blow may not knock a tooth out, but it can kill the tissue inside of it. Also, a long-term infection can turn into an abscess and spread, leading to pain and swelling in the face and neck. Root canal therapy can save you a lot of pain and dental work.

The process typically takes place over the course of two appointments. During the first, your dentist in Arnold will create a small incision in your tooth so they can reach the infected pulp to clean it out. They’ll then sanitize the area and fill it with a substance called gutta percha to restore the shape of your tooth. During your second visit, our team will place a custom-crafted crown over the top of your tooth, which will continue to protect and strengthen it so you can use it like you normally would.

Signs That Root Canal Therapy May Be Needed

an infected tooth that has been cleaned out

The signs that you might need root canal therapy include increased tooth sensitivity and chronic tooth pain, or you may not have any signs at all. If you suffer a blow to a tooth and it turns dark, come see us at JL Dental to find out if you need treatment. And, of course, if you notice any swelling near a tooth, make an appointment with us immediately. That could be a sign that an infection is spreading and worsening, and these infections can become very serious.

The need for root canal therapy may be discovered at a routine checkup without any warning signs. The best time to treat a diseased tooth is before symptoms occur and the tooth starts to hurt.

Root Canal Aftercare Tips

person standing and smiling in an office

After your procedure, you’ll notice that your toothache has completely disappeared. However, you’ll also feel some tenderness and soreness for the following week as you heal. We’ll provide you with some basic aftercare tips to help handle this. Some of these may include:

  • Maintaining a soft diet.
  • Avoiding drinking from a straw.
  • Calling our office if you notice anything out-of-the-ordinary.
  • Keep up with your at-home oral hygiene.
  • Take any prescribed medications as directed.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout your healing process, don’t hesitate to contact our team directly so we can provide you with over-the-phone assistance and ensure your comfort.