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Everything You Need To Know About Braces

July 23, 2015

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There are lots of people who have had to wear braces at some point in their lives, and they all have had roughly the same experiences. Everyone knows before they get braces what they’re getting into, they just don’t know exactly what it is that is in store for them. It’s been a tradition to outfit young or older mouths with braces when there are teeth that are misaligned. Not everyone is born with beautiful teeth. There are alternative teeth-straightening methods that have been introduced to the market over the years, but a good chunk of patients still opt for traditional metal braces. Our office in Arnold, MO specializes in putting patients in braces, so if you think it’s the treatment choice for you, we’d love to see you in for a visit.

Metal Braces

When you walk around and see someone wearing braces, how long would you guess they’ve been wearing them? A year? Maybe two? The average braces-wearer is in braces for roughly five years. That’s a long time, but it makes sense. Your teeth can’t be moved to a different area in the blink of an eye; these things take time, and it’s all worth it in the end. Not only do metal braces shift teeth into their rightful places for a beautiful look, but your bite can be corrected as well. Having beautiful teeth doesn’t mean a thing if they don’t operate correctly, and having a correct bite will help bring serenity back to your oral health.
As far as pain is concerned, yes, there is some. It makes sense — your teeth are shifting. Naturally, there is going to be soreness and pain, but it isn’t anything you can’t handle. Most pain can be eliminated with a simple antibiotic or ibuprofen. If you can stand a little pain and stay dedicated for the long haul, then you’ll have no problem getting through braces treatment.
It is possible for some patients to wear braces for a much shorter time, but it depends on several factors like age, your present dental health, how severe the misalignment has become and the distance between teeth. It’s possible you may be able to receive Invisalign or alternative ceramic-braces treatment. It all comes down to the decision our dental team makes.

Schedule an Appointment

Having straight teeth doesn’t have to be a pipe dream for patients. It can be a reality when you come to our office in Arnold, MO. Our dental team will go over your options and inspect your mouth before any recommendations are made. Getting you the smile of your life is what we care about most. Here’s looking at you Liguori, Oakville and Antonia residents.

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