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Dental implants create smile miracles in Arnold, MO

February 11, 2016

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Dental implants in Arnold, MO replace missing teeth and strengthen the jaw. Learn how these amazing devices preserve chewing, speech and facial structure.
Work toward keeping your teeth for a lifetime. However, if tooth loss happens, JL Dental in Arnold, MO offers patients the most innovative tooth replacement option available: the dental implant.

Why dental implants?

Dental implants counter all of the deleterious consequences of losing teeth:
  • slurred speech
  • compromised biting and chewing
  • unattractive, gapped smile
  •  prematurely aged facial appearance
  • recession of gum tissue
  • resorption of jaw bone at extraction sites

These prosthetics, composed of titanium screws, metal alloy extension posts, or abutments, and  natural-looking ceramic crowns, install right into the jaw bone during an in-office surgical procedure. With this solid foundation, dental implants are exceptionally strong and mimic the appearance, function and feel of real teeth.

What’s the secret?

It’s no secret, but science. Dental researchers discovered that human bone has a natural affinity for titanium. It’s a miraculous natural process called osseointegration in which the jaw bonds to the implant device.
So, when cosmetic dentist Dr. JonathanMearsorDr. LauraMearsofJLDentalplaces an implant device, the patient’s bone bonds right to it over several weeks of post-operative healing. After attachment of the abutment and crown, the dental implant patient in Arnold, MO displays a beautiful, fully-functional smile.
Unlike traditional bridgework and dentures, dental implants transfer a substantial amount of physical force to the jaw when patients bite and chew. This “exercise” keeps the jawbone dense and sizable.

Who can receive dental implants?

Many older teens and adults qualify for tooth replacement with dental implants. Patients should be in good overall and oral health and have sufficient bone density. People with poorly controlled diabetes or undergoing cancer therapy should wait until these conditions resolve. Additionally, good candidates are people who do not smoke and are diligent about daily flossing and twice daily brushing.
While dental implants do not decay, they can get an infection similar to gum disease. Termed “peri-implantitis,” this devastating condition may necessitate removal of implants. Therefore, regular at-home and in-office hygiene at JL Dental is critical.

What about time and expense?

From initial evaluation to final restoration, the implant procedure takes 4 months or so. It’s very important that the implant site heals fully so that the device can handle the substantial forces involved in eating.
Regarding expense, dental implants cost more initially than traditional fixed bridgework or dentures. However, because of their high success and retention rates, durability and longevity (They last for decades.), implants really cost less in the long run.

Get the best tooth replacement

Dental implants are truly miraculous. If you are faced with tooth extraction or are already missing one or more teeth, explore these amazing tooth replacements with the team at JL Dental. Contact the friendly office staff for a convenient consultation appointment.

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