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Dental Implants in Arnold Replace Missing Teeth

September 30, 2016

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Dental implants in Arnold imitate natural teeth from root to crown. The process at JL Dental  is comfortable, and dental implants last indefinitely.

Dental Implants are Very Effective

Dental implants are the best tooth replacement option available today  Drs. JonathanandLauraMears at JL Dental recommend dental implants because these prosthetics preserve and strengthen the jaw bone after tooth loss due to tooth decay, injury or gum disease.

Comprised of a titanium screw, metal abutment, or post, and realistic porcelain crown, the dental implant resides in the jaw bone, transferring the physical forces of chewing and biting and therefore, effectively exercising the bone. The dental  implant also supports a lifelike porcelain crown. The bone melds right to the titanium implant through a natural  process called osseointegration.

The Dental Implant Treatment

The dentist carefully examines patients desiring dental implants. It’s very important that the jawbone be sufficiently strong and sized to anchor the device. However, if bone is weak or narrow, the dentist can perform augmentation procedures to strengthen it.
Patients should have good systemic health, too, and must be disciplined about at-home oral hygiene. While smokers receive dental implants, smoking cessation is always best for dental, and overall, health.
To begin the procedure, the cosmetic dentist in Arnold drills a small pilot hole in the jaw. The dentist screws the titanium implant into the hole and sutures the gums closed over the site. This procedure needs nothing more than local anesthesia to numb the area.
After some weeks of healing, the patient returns to JL Dental for a second visit to finish the process. Dr. Mears attaches the metal post and custom-designed porcelain crown, adjusting fit and bite. The dental implant is then complete.
At home, the patient flosses and brushes as usual. He or she comes to JL Dental every six months for hygienic cleanings and oral examinations.

Longevity and Versatility

The Academy of Osseointegration, comprised of experts in dental implants, maintain that 90 percent or more of these restorative procedures succeed, and over 90 percent of dental implants stay in place and function for decades. In fact, one of the reasons why dental implants are preferable to bridgework and dentures is that traditional tooth replacement options must be replaced every ten years or less. While dental implants may cost more initially, they are truly more budget friendly over the patient’s lifetime.
Also, traditional tooth replacements do not preserve the jaw bone. Gums and bone recede quickly after tooth loss, and unfortunately, facial appearance ages, and oral function suffers.
On the other hand, dental implants are very versatile. They anchor bridgework and full dentures, too–either removable or fixed. Your implant dentist will create a personalized treatment plan that fits your exact oral health needs.

Learn More Dental Implants

Schedule a dental implant consultation at JL Dental. Dr. Jonathan  Mears and Dr. Laura Mears and their experienced staff will answer your questions and explain the entire dental implant process. Contact JL Dentaltoday. Senior patients receive 10 percent off.

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