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ClearCorrect: Alternative to Braces in Arnold, MO

March 20, 2015

Everyone dreams of having a straight, perfect smile he/she can flash whenever and wherever. Unfortunately, the main option to fix a misaligned set of teeth is the one no one wants to commit to: braces. The metal brackets and unforgiving wiring were the source of jokes throughout school, and upon reaching adulthood, they seem a little childish and ridiculous. So, how do you straighten your teeth without heading to your nearest orthodontist? The answer comes in the form of customizable, clear aligners called ClearCorrect. Lucky for you, Dr. Mearsand his team at JL Dental are specialists with ClearCorrect.

What the Heck is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect are essentially clear braces, except they are removable and virtually unnoticeable. How do clear braces work? When you schedule an appointment at our office, we will conduct an oral examination and map out our mouth, teeth, and gums. These records will be sent to a ClearCorrect laboratory along with the information of your treatment plan, so they can create 3D models and mold the braces. The molds are formed into a series of aligners, which are sent back to the dentist. On your next visit, our team will present the series of aligners and give you a detailed plan on your new treatment.

So, I Just Wear Them?

Exactly! When you receive the entire series of aligners, the dentist will instruct you in which order to wear them and for how long. You will wear the first set, and after the instructed amount of time has elapsed (usually a few weeks), you will move on to the next set. Luckily, you do not have to wear them constantly, as you can remove them to eat, brush your teeth, etc. The dentist will monitor the progress made with the aligners and ensure a natural shift happens within your mouth.

I Think I Want to Try It.

Are you ready to straighten your teeth and achieve smile perfection? Contact ustoday and schedule a consultation with our experts. Our office and friendly staff is more than happy to serve those in Arnold, MO, Imperial, Oakville, Barnhart, and the other nearby communities. 

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