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Strong, Durable Dental Implants in Arnold, MO

April 22, 2015

Are you one of thousands of Americans who lost a tooth? We all dream of having a perfect, pristine smile that can light up a room, but, due to several factors, thousands of people suffer from a lost tooth every year. Tooth decay, facial trauma, and severe oral injuries lead to tooth loss. These situations are frustrating and painful, but if left untreated, a missing tooth can lead to future oral health problems. So, is it possible to find a tooth replacement that can correct future problems? JL Dental, a stellar practice located in Arnold, MO, offers permanent dental implants.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Your jawbone requires stimulation throughout the day. It receives stimulation via contacts from your teeth. As your teeth chew food, press against each other, etc., they stimulate the jaw, which in turn triggers growth. When a tooth is missing, stimulation is lost, and over time, that section of the jaw can begin to lose density, height, and width. Dental implants, provided by our stellar duo of doctors and our team of expert dental practitioners, are permanently bonded to the jaw, providing stimulation, while also giving a strong, durable replacement tooth to restore function to the mouth.

What is the Procedure Like?

During your initial visit, our team will take impressions of your teeth, particular the problem area, and begin planning the treatment. With a plan finalized, we will surgically insert a biocompatible titanium post in the jawbone. You will undergo a healing period as the jaw naturally accepts the post and grows over it, and the gums heal. After everything has healed properly, we will bring you back into the office to complete the process. We will cement a permanent tooth on the post, bonding it within your mouth. After finishing the bonding process, you can walk out of our building with a complete, full smile.

Restore Your Smile Today

A missing tooth is a burden, but with our dental implants, it no longer needs to cause grief. Our implants look natural and are completely comfortable. If you are ready to restore your smile to pristine form, then contact us today and schedule your appointment with our incredible staff. Our warm, welcoming office is always open for those who live in Arnold, MO, Imperial, Oakville, Barnhart, and the surrounding communities. 

ClearCorrect: Alternative to Braces in Arnold, MO

March 20, 2015

Everyone dreams of having a straight, perfect smile he/she can flash whenever and wherever. Unfortunately, the main option to fix a misaligned set of teeth is the one no one wants to commit to: braces. The metal brackets and unforgiving wiring were the source of jokes throughout school, and upon reaching adulthood, they seem a little childish and ridiculous. So, how do you straighten your teeth without heading to your nearest orthodontist? The answer comes in the form of customizable, clear aligners called ClearCorrect. Lucky for you, Dr. Mearsand his team at JL Dental are specialists with ClearCorrect.

What the Heck is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect are essentially clear braces, except they are removable and virtually unnoticeable. How do clear braces work? When you schedule an appointment at our office, we will conduct an oral examination and map out our mouth, teeth, and gums. These records will be sent to a ClearCorrect laboratory along with the information of your treatment plan, so they can create 3D models and mold the braces. The molds are formed into a series of aligners, which are sent back to the dentist. On your next visit, our team will present the series of aligners and give you a detailed plan on your new treatment.

So, I Just Wear Them?

Exactly! When you receive the entire series of aligners, the dentist will instruct you in which order to wear them and for how long. You will wear the first set, and after the instructed amount of time has elapsed (usually a few weeks), you will move on to the next set. Luckily, you do not have to wear them constantly, as you can remove them to eat, brush your teeth, etc. The dentist will monitor the progress made with the aligners and ensure a natural shift happens within your mouth.

I Think I Want to Try It.

Are you ready to straighten your teeth and achieve smile perfection? Contact ustoday and schedule a consultation with our experts. Our office and friendly staff is more than happy to serve those in Arnold, MO, Imperial, Oakville, Barnhart, and the other nearby communities. 

Holiday Teeth Whitening with Opalescence

November 17, 2014

It’s that time of year again. We can begin to imagine big family meals, tons of decorations, loads of shopping, and a long list of things to do. But before you get busy with holiday preparations, you should stop and take a look at your smile. Is it as bright as you would like it to be? If it isn’t, you should make an appointmentfor holiday teeth whitening from JL Dental today. Their fast and convenient professional teeth whiteningsystem is all you need to shine bright this holiday season. Drs. Jonathan and Laura Mears are highly qualified and experienced general and cosmetic dentists. They are ready to renew and rejuvenate your teeth for the holiday season. JL Dental proudly restores smiles throughout Arnold, MO, Oakville, Imperial, Barnhart, and the surrounding communities.
Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

There are many different teeth whiteningmethods on the market today. But they are not equally effective, and they have many drawbacks. Teeth whitening toothpaste is one such option. These toothpastes claim to whiten your teeth; however, they don’t contain the bleaching agents necessary to do so. In fact, they can only “polish away” shallow surface stains. Another option is over-the-counter teeth whiteninggels, strips, tray, or rinses. Although they do contain the bleaching agents necessary to whiten teeth, they’re just too weak. It can take several weeks of daily use for you to begin to see any significant results. In addition, misinterpreting the directions could lead to gum irritation and even infection. The ineffective and potentially harmful characteristics of these inferior teeth whiteningproducts make professional teeth whitening your best option.
Professional Holiday Teeth Whitening in Arnold, MO

JL Dental uses the Opalescence professional teeth whitening system. This safe and effective system is an easy take-home option with custom teeth whiteningtrays and bleaching agents strong enough to actually whiten your teeth, but gentle enough for sensitive gums. Don’t get stuck with an ineffective teeth whiteningproduct. Make a holiday teeth whitening appointment with JL Dental today. Drs. Jonathan and Laura Mears will get you the bright new smile that will dazzle your family and friends this holiday season. JL Dental proudly serves families throughout Arnold, MO, Oakville, Imperial, Barnhart, and the nearby areas.

Revitalize Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers at JL Dental in Arnold, MO

March 12, 2014

Dental imperfections – including yellow teeth, gaps and misalignment – can leave you feeling self-conscious and embarrassed when you smile. This can affect your sense of confidence and self-esteem, whether it’s at work, at family gatherings or in social situations. Fortunately, there is a solution to common smile flaws that may fit your case perfectly: porcelain veneersfrom JL Dental in Arnold, MO. Drs. Jonathan and Laura Mears provide patients just like you with advanced cosmetic dentistrysolutions every day, revealing happier, more aesthetically pleasing smiles.
How Can Porcelain Veneers Help Me?

Dental veneers are durable, ultra-thin sheaths of finely crafted porcelain that are precisely affixed to the front surfaces of your natural teeth. They look and feel natural, even reflecting light the same way that enamel does. Some of the cosmetic dental flaws that are frequently corrected using porcelain veneers are:
·         Cracks and/or chips in enamel
·         Unsightly gaps between teeth
·         Mild to moderate crookedness
·         Teeth that appear too crowded in the front of the mouth
·         Deep, persistent stains and discoloration
·         Teeth that are worn down
·         Teeth that are too small, too large or misshapen
Perhaps one of the most desirable features associated with porcelain veneers is how quickly they can be completed. Following your initial consultation and assessment, you’ll only need one more appointment at our office before you’ll enjoy your brand new smile!
Take Back Your Smile

If you’re ready to take the first step toward a vibrant, more beautiful smile today, contact our office in Arnold, MO and schedule your appointment now. Drs. Jonathan and Laura Mears look forward to helping you realize your vision of a bright, confident smile with porcelain veneers. Our office also welcomes patients from surrounding communities in Barnhart, Oakville, Imperial, and beyond. 

Reclaim Your Beautiful Smile with Dental Implants at JL Dental in Arnold, MO

January 23, 2014

Do you find yourself avoiding laughing or smiling because you’re missing teeth? Is it difficult to enjoy your favorite foods because you’ve lost one or more of your molars? Having one or more missing teeth can affect your life in a number of ways, but you don’t have to continue living that way forever. At JL Dental in Arnold, MO, Drs. Jonathan and Laura Mears help people just like you reclaim their smiles – and total functionality – with the placement of dental implants.
Why Should I Choose Dental Implants?
Unlike dentures, bridges and other forms of removable dental prosthetic appliances, dental implants look, feel and function exactly like your natural teeth. You can smile, laugh, eat and drink the same way you would as if you had never lost any teeth in the first place. Crafted of only the highest-grade materials and custom-fitted to match your existing teeth, dental implants are made to last a lifetime. No one will know the difference, but you’ll definitely enjoy all of the benefits.
In order to ensure lasting structural integrity and optimal results, Drs. Jonathan and Laura Mears first place a small titanium post in your gum in the empty place where your natural tooth once was. This post will serve as the sturdy root for your new tooth and will gradually become fused with the bone of your jaw. A beautiful porcelain crown will then be affixed atop the titanium post, thereby completing your new, natural-looking tooth.
Get Your Smile Back Now

If you’re missing one or more teeth and you’re ready to finally enjoy a complete smile once again, contact our office in Arnold, MO to schedule your dental implants consultation today. Drs. Jonathan and Laura Mears also happily welcome patients from Oakville, Imperial, Barnhart and the surrounding communities. We look forward to giving you something to smile about!

Improve Your Smile and Your Confidence with Cosmetic Dentistry

November 22, 2013

Do you feel self-conscious about your smile? JL Dental in Arnold, MO has a wide range of cosmetic dental services to help you transform the appearance of your teeth and boost your confidence. Whether your smile is stained, cracked, chipped, crowded, or misaligned, Dr. Jonathan Mears and Dr. Laura Mears are committed to providing customized cosmetic care you’ll love.
Our full list of cosmetic dentistry services includes:
Not every service is right for every patient, of course, but you might be surprised at your range of options. During a consultation with our Arnold dental team, we’ll assess your needs and talk to you about your goals. There might be one service that will give you exactly what you’re looking for, or it could be that several options will work. Drs. Jonathan and Laura Mears will help you settle on exactly what’s right for you with this very special visit.

For many patients, cosmetic dentistry has radically changed how they view themselves and how they interact with others. It has also changed how others have seen them, as well. Experience a newfound sense of confidence starting today by calling JL Dental for an appointment. We love creating beautiful smiles for patients from ArnoldImperialOakvilleBarnhart, and beyond.