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Strong, Durable Dental Implants in Arnold, MO

April 22, 2015

Are you one of thousands of Americans who lost a tooth? We all dream of having a perfect, pristine smile that can light up a room, but, due to several factors, thousands of people suffer from a lost tooth every year. Tooth decay, facial trauma, and severe oral injuries lead to tooth loss. These situations are frustrating and painful, but if left untreated, a missing tooth can lead to future oral health problems. So, is it possible to find a tooth replacement that can correct future problems? JL Dental, a stellar practice located in Arnold, MO, offers permanent dental implants.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Your jawbone requires stimulation throughout the day. It receives stimulation via contacts from your teeth. As your teeth chew food, press against each other, etc., they stimulate the jaw, which in turn triggers growth. When a tooth is missing, stimulation is lost, and over time, that section of the jaw can begin to lose density, height, and width. Dental implants, provided by our stellar duo of doctors and our team of expert dental practitioners, are permanently bonded to the jaw, providing stimulation, while also giving a strong, durable replacement tooth to restore function to the mouth.

What is the Procedure Like?

During your initial visit, our team will take impressions of your teeth, particular the problem area, and begin planning the treatment. With a plan finalized, we will surgically insert a biocompatible titanium post in the jawbone. You will undergo a healing period as the jaw naturally accepts the post and grows over it, and the gums heal. After everything has healed properly, we will bring you back into the office to complete the process. We will cement a permanent tooth on the post, bonding it within your mouth. After finishing the bonding process, you can walk out of our building with a complete, full smile.

Restore Your Smile Today

A missing tooth is a burden, but with our dental implants, it no longer needs to cause grief. Our implants look natural and are completely comfortable. If you are ready to restore your smile to pristine form, then contact us today and schedule your appointment with our incredible staff. Our warm, welcoming office is always open for those who live in Arnold, MO, Imperial, Oakville, Barnhart, and the surrounding communities. 

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